About Us

About Us
With over 15 years of expertise in loyalty development, fulfillment and enhancement, Merit Loyalty is the go to organization for medium sized companies to seek expertise. Merit Loyalty’s value proposition is to develop programs unique to each organization that lead to customer loyalty, employee engagement, retention and ultimately growth through optimization and analytics.
Our team
Michael Merrithew – Chairman and CEO
Michael Merrithew
Michael Merrithew started Merit in 1991 with Louise deGrandpré. He is company CEO with direct reports individually responsible for the Loyalty, Corporate Travel Management, Leisure, Golf & Ski, and TravelCUTS.combusinesses. Michael oversees all acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic initiatives of the business. He is a former Director and Chair of TICO, ACTA National and ASTA, including the International Chapters Presidents Council. He is currently a Director of GSM Travel Management and sits on the Advisory Boards of Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts and the Trump Hotel & Resorts Collection. Michael holds a BBA from the University of New Brunswick and an MBA from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland.Hide this content.

Louise de Grandpré – Senior Vice President, Co-Owner
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Louise de Grandpré
Louise founded Merit Travel Group with her partner in 1991. Louise holds a BPE and a BBA from the University of New Brunswick and has held various positions in treasury, Human Resources and administration in the financial institution industry. She is a member of the executive management team and has been involved in all Merit Loyalty Group business decisions as well as customer service. Louise heads the HR and Accounting areas of the business.Hide this content.

Karen Jawdek – Director of Operations
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Karen Jawdek joined a company called Just Vacations in 1996 as a full time travel counsellor with a focus on loyalty Card Programs. She quickly advanced and by 2001 she was the Operations Manager. In 2002 Karen was a key member of the team when Merit Travel acquired Just Vacations. Karen has been the Director of Operations for Merit Loyalty Group since 2010 and has recently moved roles within the Operations Department due to the growth of the Merit Loyalty Division. She is currently the Director of Employee Management and Support for Merit Loyalty Group, overseeing all aspects related to recruiting, hiring and retention of Merit Loyalty staff.Karen has been in the travel industry since 1991, and has previously worked on many loyalty accounts such as National Bank, CIBC, Nexus, TD Bank, and The Bay.

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Faryde Santiana – CTM, Manager, Operations Technology
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Faryde has extensive training and recognition in the travel industry including: Professional Tour Guide Diploma, Travel and Tourism Diploma, Management Level Certificate, CTM from the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors and Certificates of completion in recognition of attending HST, Amadeus, Management and other travel industry courses. Faryde has experience managing loyalty websites, file finishing, ticketing and the quality assurance departments. As of November 2009, Faryde has been the Manager, Operations Technology where she supports various loyalty projects and day to day operations.Hide this content.

Stacey Chappell – Business Development Manager
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Stacey Chappell joined Merit Travel in 2007; was appointed as the Marketing Manager in August of 2008. In 2013, Stacey was appointed the role of Business Development Manager where she currently sources and manages new Merit Loyalty initiatives while overseeing and implementing existing projects.Hide this content.

Debbie Bolt – Director, Operations
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When Merit Travel acquired Just Vacations, Debbie was the Director of Operations for the Loyalty business unit. Following a short break, Debbie rejoined Merit in early 2008 as Manager, Training and Continuous Improvement. In January 2015, Debbie was promoted to Director of Operations where she is responsible for the delivery of business results and customer satisfaction for the loyalty rewards division. Debbie brings more than twenty-five years of operational experience in the travel business to the management team.Hide this content.

Laura Farrugia – Manager, Lifestyle Rewards
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Laura Farrugia joined Merit Travel in 1999 as an Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Corporate Operations. In 2003 Laura was appointed as the Team Lead for Lifestyle Rewards with the launch of the CIBC Aventura Program, and played a fundamental role in creating the foundation for the Lifestyle Rewards Department.Hide this content.

Heather O’Connor – Manager, Training and Continuous Improvement
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When Merit Travel opened a Victoria BC branch of MLG, in 2008, Heather was brought on board as a File Finisher. She quickly moved into a Travel Agent roll, following a move to Mississauga ON, she was promoted to Weekend Team Lead. Heather has recently been promoted from Operations Manager to Manager, Training and Continuous Improvement. Heather brings more than 10 years of sales and operational experience to the management team. In her current role she facilitates all training for the Loyalty division, and oversees quality assurance of the agents’ day to day practices.Hide this content.